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MSR Program

Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) Program

Matrix Financial Services Corporation, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Two Harbors Investment Corp., is a leading owner of Agency-eligible MSR assets. Matrix is approved by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to own and manage MSR. Through its MSR acquisition program, it provides multiple execution options including concurrent transfers of servicing (“co-issue”) and subsequent transfers of servicing (“bulk pools”).

Execution Options


Matrix Co-Issue Program Benefits:

  • Consistent, competitive pricing: Matrix is one of the largest investors in co-issue MSR, providing its partners with competitive pricing and a permanent source of liquidity
  • Integration with Fannie Mae’s Servicing Marketplace (“SMP”); Matrix supports all-in funding in SMP
  • Standard Purchase and Sale Agreements with market terms
  • Technology to support business
  • Purchase most Agency-eligible products (eNotes, TPO, affordability programs)
  • Streamlined seller counterparty approval process
  • Dedicated transaction manager and servicing transfer points of contact
  • Multiple subservicer options to align operational processes
  • Multiple document custodian options and streamlined trailing document delivery process

Co-Issue Selling Requirements:

  • Must be approved for full-bifurcation through SMP or Freddie Mac 960CB
  • Targeted volume of $50mm per month
  • 100% MERS

Matrix Bulk Program Benefits:

  • Matrix is an active participant in the bulk MSR market
  • Matrix is willing to work directly with sellers, or through a brokered relationship
  • Quick time to close with bulk acquisitions averaging 45 days from finalization of bid to settlement
  • Matrix can accommodate interim servicing periods if necessary
  • Standard Purchase and Sale Agreement with market terms


For more information, please contact:

Jason Vinar, Vice President and Head of Mortgage Servicing and Operations

(612) 453-4144


Or send new seller requests to: MSR@twoharborsinvestment.com

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