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Our People

We are a talent driven company where we believe our people drive our success.  We are committed to attracting and retaining the industry’s top talent by providing competitive compensation and a workplace environment in which all of our employees can thrive and contribute. 

We invest in the individual well-being of our employees and offer opportunities for advancement, which includes providing learning and development programs to ensure our cultural values emanate throughout the organization. Developing our people not only reflects our commitment to each employee but also empowers individuals to utilize their skills and knowledge to support our collaborative culture.


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As of Dec. 31, 2023 • 2023 Annual Report

Our Culture

We strive to create a dynamic, inclusive, and supportive environment where our people can thrive professionally and personally. Our people have the opportunity to grow their careers, support our communities and make an impact. We are proud to have been recognized as a Top Workplace in Minnesota. 

“I feel like I can make a difference for the organization and can go above and beyond for others. The culture here is very welcoming and everyone seems to care about the organization, the people, and the future of the organization.”

- A Two Harbors employee

“What I love about my job is the collaborative environment, our team members are very connected, and we share ideas quickly and work together easily to achieve our goals and get results.”

- A Two Harbors employee

Benefits and Wellness

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive program of competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain the best employees available. Each employee receives a wide range of wellness benefits, company-paid premiums for medical and dental insurance, 401k and profit-sharing plans, competitive pay and bonuses based on individual performance and overall profitability. Employees and their dependents are eligible for benefit coverage on their first day of employment.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that all of our stakeholders benefit when we have the ability to leverage a broad range of experiences and backgrounds to create better outcomes for our company, our people and our communities.

Talent and Performance Management

Performance management at Two Harbors is valued as an ongoing commitment to our employees and their development. We encourage a frequent exchange of dialogue, collaboration and teamwork to ensure mutual understanding of responsibilities, priorities, and expectations to align individual performance with business results.

To ensure we are actively managing our most important asset, our people, we have a strategic and organizational-wide approach to identifying, developing, and moving talent throughout the company. Through rigorous annual performance, talent and succession reviews, we can ensure we have talent optimally positioned to support the long-term performance of our business.

Recognized as One of Minnesota’s Top Workplaces

We have an inclusive, positive culture where all of our employees can succeed. Our reputation for attracting and retaining the industry’s best talent has consistently earned us recognition as a Top Workplace over the years.
Recognized as One of Minnesota’s Top Workplaces

Advance Your Career at Two Harbors

As a Top Workplace with a diverse, inclusive team, we provide a rewarding place to grow your career. We are always looking for talented professionals to thrive and contribute as part of our team.

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