External Manager

External Manager

PRCM Advisers LLC
Subsidiary of Pine River Capital Management

We are externally managed and advised by PRCM Advisers LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pine River, or PRCM Advisers. Founded in 2002, Pine River is a global multi-strategy asset management firm providing comprehensive portfolio management, transparency and liquidity to institutional and high net worth investors.

Pine River formed PRCM Advisers for the purpose of providing management services to us. PRCM Advisers is responsible for administering our business activities and day-to-day operations. Pursuant to the terms of the management agreement between us and PRCM Advisers, PRCM Advisers provides us with our management team, including our executive officers, along with appropriate support personnel. In addition, PRCM Advisers provides us with the expertise of a dedicated team of investment professionals, proprietary analytical tools and other infrastructure support. PRCM Advisers is at all times subject to the supervision and oversight of our Board of Directors. Each of our executive officers is an employee or partner of Pine River, as we do not have any employees. We do not pay any of our executive officers cash compensation; rather, we pay PRCM Advisers a base management fee equal to 1.5% of our stockholders’ equity per annum pursuant to the terms of the management agreement. We also reimburse PRCM Advisers for (i) the compensation paid by Pine River to its employees serving as our Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel and other employees of Pine River who are dedicated to our business, including Pine River employees providing us in-house legal, tax, accounting, consulting, auditing, administrative, information technology, valuation, computer programming and development services; and (ii) any amounts for employees of Pine River’s affiliates arising under the shared facilities and services agreement between PRCM Advisers and Pine River. We do not pay PRCM Advisers any incentive-based fees or other incentive-based compensation.

Through our relationship with PRCM Advisers, we benefit from Pine River’s disciplined and highly analytical investment approach, extensive long-term relationships in the financial community, and established infrastructure. Pine River’s disciplined investment approach utilizes a cross-product approach, conducting top-down market assessments with respect to various subsets of the RMBS and mortgage market in order to identify the most attractive segments and investment opportunities. Our security selection process leverages proprietary and third-party analytic tools to conduct a detailed analysis of factors that influence our target assets. We select our RMBS and other mortgage-related assets after extensive analysis of the underlying loans, including prepayment trends, average remaining life, amortization schedules, fixed versus floating interest rates, geographic concentration, property type, loan-to-value ratios and credit scores, among others.

The dedicated team of investment professionals provided to us by PRCM Advisers has broad experience in managing Agency RMBS, non-Agency RMBS and other mortgage-related assets through a variety of credit and interest rate environments and has demonstrated the ability to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns under different market conditions and cycles, on both a levered and unlevered basis. Pine River maintains extensive long-term relationships with financial intermediaries, including prime brokers, investment banks, broker-dealers and asset custodians. We believe these relationships enhance our ability to source, finance, protect and hedge our investments and, thus, enable us to succeed in various credit and interest rate environments. We also benefit from Pine River’s comprehensive finance, operational and administrative infrastructure, including its risk management and accounting operations, as well as its legal, compliance and software development teams.